Protegè WP provides a modern way to make smart financial decisions. Clients receive a comprehensive financial plan, access to an online wealth planning portal and quarterly video/phone meetings with a Certified Financial Planner.


Financial Planning

A roadmap to achieving your financial goals and objectives.


Investment Consulting

Your portfolio, optimized for improved performance, fees & risk measures.


Ongoing Support

A partner throughout life to discuss major & minor financial decisions.

Piece of Mind Starts with a Plan

Planning advice should be affordable & credible

Higher returns, lower taxes, consolidated debt, the potential benefits of financial planning are endless. Yet most people lack access to either financial education or trustworthy advice. For over 3 years, I delivered financial plans to affluent clients at the largest wealth manager in the world. In 2018, I left that firm to create Protegè WP, to provide affordable financial advice, anyone can access.

As a virtual wealth planning company, we use smart technology to streamline the planning process. You can videoconference with me and access your financial planning portal by: phone, tablet or even by TV.

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Certified Financial Planner, Founder

We develop your financial plan in the first 2 meetings, called: Discover & Recommend. Through quarterly check-in calls, we collaborate with you and your trusted advisors to implement the recommendations.

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    We discuss your goals, finances and which of our plans best suit your needs.

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    We propose alternatives to your current strategy to help reach goals

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    You identify which recommendations you accept & who implements them

The Protegè Difference

Credible advice.  Affordable fees.  Smart technology.


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We Specialize in

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Cash Flow & Debt

We will conduct a review of your income and expenses to determine your current surplus or deficit. We also advise on: prioritizing how any surplus should be used or how to reduce expenses if they exceed your income. Advice may also be provided on which debts to pay off first based on factors such as the interest rate of the debt and any income tax ramifications.

We may also recommend what we believe to be an appropriate cash reserve that should be considered for emergencies and other financial goals, along with a review of accounts (such as money market funds) for such reserves, plus strategies to save desired amounts.


Income Tax Planning

Advice may include ways to minimize current and future income taxes as a part of your overall financial planning picture. For example, we may make recommendations on which type of account(s) or specific investments should be owned based in part on their “tax efficiency,” with consideration that there is always a possibility of future changes to federal, state or local tax laws and rates that may impact your situation.

We recommend that you consult with a qualified tax professional before initiating any tax planning strategy, and we may provide you with contact information for accountants or attorneys who specialize in this area if you wish to hire someone for such purposes. We will participate in meetings or phone calls between you and your tax professional with your approval or request.


New Families

Life-changing events like: weddings, new babies, and first-time home buyers, fall into our ``New Families`` category. Events like these can throw a wrench in your existing financial plan and require you to make a new plan. We will provide a comprehensive plan covering areas like: estate planning, life, disability, health & property/casualty insurance policies, education funding, managing student loans & credit card debt and financing a first-time home purchase.


Business Planning

We provide consulting services for clients who currently operate their own business, are considering starting a business, or are planning for an exit from their current business. Under this type of engagement, we work with you to assess your current situation, identify your objectives, and develop a plan aimed at achieving your goals.


Retirement & Employee Benefits

Our retirement planning services typically include projections of your likelihood of achieving your financial goals, focusing on financial independence as the primary objective. For situations where projections show less than the desired results, we may make recommendations, including those that may impact the original projections. If you are near retirement or already retired, advice may be given on appropriate distribution strategies to minimize the likelihood of running out of money or having to adversely alter spending during your retirement years.

We also will review and analyze as to whether you, as an employee, are taking the maximum advantage possible of your employee benefits. If you are a business owner, we will consider and/or recommend the various benefit programs that can be structured to meet both business and personal retirement goals.


Education Funding

Includes projecting the amount that will be needed to achieve college or other education funding goals. Recommendations as to savings strategies are included, and, if needed, we will review your financial picture as it relates to eligibility for financial aid or the best way to contribute to grandchildren (if appropriate).


Modern Families

We use the term “Modern Family” to describe not only the traditional, nuclear family, but also client situations that defy this model, like: divorce, blended families, international couples, unmarried couples, same sex couples, transgender clients, adoption, special-needs or shared living situations with adult children or parents.

These Modern Family clients may have service needs that require specialize knowledge to supplement traditional planning solutions. A qualified specialist will review your financial and estate plan to evaluate how well these special needs are considered. As always, you should consult a qualified attorney or tax professional before implementing an estate or tax planning strategy.


Insurance Planning

A risk management review includes an analysis of your exposure to major risks that could have a significant adverse impact on your financial picture, such as premature death, disability, property and casualty losses, or the need for long-term care planning. Advice may be provided on ways to minimize such risks and about weighing the costs of purchasing insurance versus the benefits of doing so and, likewise, the potential cost of not purchasing insurance (“self- insuring”).



Investment plannings involves: developing an asset allocation strategy to meet your financial objectives and risk tolerance, providing information on investment vehicles and strategies, reviewing employee stock options, and assisting you in establishing your own investment account at a selected broker/dealer or custodian.

Our Investment Consulting process includes:
• Client Discovery: We conduct a thorough evaluation of your current financial position, investor behavioral biases, risk tolerance, time horizon & tax status.
• Investment Policy Statement: We construct an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that clearly defines your investment objectives, special restrictions & rebalancing protocol.
• Portfolio Construction & Risk Management: We will evaluate how your portfolio responds to historic & expected changes to macroeconomic factors.
• Manager Search, Selection and Monitoring
• Portfolio Review & Revision: On a monthly basis, we will provide recommendations to help manage portfolio risk & investor behavioral biases.


Money & Investor Behavior

Our goal is to provide financial plans that help you build and maintain a healthy relationship with money. To facilitate your financial wellness, we will discuss what we call your: interior past, interior present & interior future. Your interior future are the dreams, wishes and desires that motivate you to create a plan. Your interior present entails clarity on your life's goals and an awareness of your limitations. Interior past involves the stories, feelings and subconscious thoughts about money, called ``money scripts.`` In our early meetings together, we will help identify your financial & non-financial goals.

We also leverage behavioral finance technology to diagnose deep-rooted patterns of investor behaviors which, if not managed, can cause you to make irrational investment decisions on a regular basis. On an ongoing basis, we provide recommendations to facilitate healthy money behavior.


Estate Planning

This usually includes an analysis of your exposure to estate taxes and your current estate plan, which may include whether you have a will, powers of attorney, trusts and other related documents. Our advice also typically includes ways for you to minimize or avoid future estate taxes by implementing appropriate estate planning strategies such as the use of applicable trusts.

We always recommend that you consult with a qualified attorney when you initiate, update, or complete estate planning activities. We may provide you with contact information for attorneys who specialize in estate planning when you wish to hire an attorney for such purposes. From time-to-time, we will participate in meetings or phone calls between you and your attorney with your approval or request.



We provide clients and attorneys with data analysis that shows the financial effect of any given settlement. We become part of the divorce team and provide support on financial issues such as:
• Understanding the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property.
• Analyzing pensions and retirement plans.
• Determining if the client can afford the marital
home, and if not, what he or she can afford.
• Recognizing the tax consequences of different
settlement proposals.

Take Control of your Financial Health

Goals Plan

Uses goals-based software focusing on: your financial goals & resources and major threats to your plan's success.
$65 per month
  • Backed by MoneyGuidePro Software
  • This plan excels at: Retirement Income, Long-Term Care & Medicare Planning, Goal-Based Planning
  • Best plan for: Retirees, approaching Retirement, early-career Millennials
  • Action Plan of Recommended Financial Strategies
  • Ongoing 30-min Quarterly Calls
  • Quarterly Investment Proposal
  • Monthly email update on: changes in wealth, progress towards goals and managing investor behavior
  • Access to a Certified Financial Planner by phone, web chat or email
  • Fee paid for 12 months–renewable thereafter
  • 15 day free trial

Protege Plan

Our most comprehensive, customized analysis. Includes a plan report tailored to your specific needs by a financial planner.
$95 Per Month
  • Backed by eMoney Software
  • Includes Cash Flow Plan functionality
  • This plan excels at: Uneven Cash Flows (i.e. entertainment industry), Funding Goals with Nontraditional Investments, Divorce, Estate Planning
  • Best plan for: Business Owners, Corporate Executives, Real Estate investors, Children with Special Needs
  • Action Plan of Recommended Financial Strategies
  • Ongoing 60-min Quarterly Calls
  • Quarterly Investment Proposal
  • Monthly email update on: changes in wealth, progress towards goals and managing investor behavior
  • Access to a Certified Financial Planner by phone, web chat or email
  • Fee paid for 12 months–renewable thereafter
  • 15 day free trial